Spot Free Water System

Core Water System’s SF Series, Spot-Free Water Production and purification, Systems are designed and manufactured for Automotive Dealer Ships, Rental Car Agencies as well as commercial and light industrial applications.

Wall-Mount and Portable Spot-Free water systems are available upon request. 

The simple, high quality and proven design of Core Water System’s SF Series Water Systems have become known as the go to, turn-key, cost effective, reliable Spot-Free water production solution where demand and extended service life is a must.


  • Produces 100% Purified “Spot Free Water” On Demand
  • Eliminates hand-drying saving time while cutting labor cost
  • Low Cost Per Gallon Compared to (DI) deionization or DI Tank Exchanges 
  • Engineered for Capacities Ranging From 4000 to 7000 Gallons Per Day
  • Designed for Overall High Performance
  • Pre-Plumbed, Wired and Assembled – Turn Key
  • Compact Space Saving Expandable Design
  • Lightweight and Non-Corrosive Aluminum Frame
  • Ready for Immediate On-line Service, with minimal set up
  • Economical - Low Maintenance and Operation Costs
  • Easy Maintenance and Servicing and Monitoring of Performance
  • Fully Equipped, Customizable
  • Numerous Options and Upgrades To Suit Most Applications
  • Fully Factory Tested and Preserved
  • Quality Brand Name Components
  • CE Compliant


Model: SF-5000