Spot-Free Pressure Washer

Portable, Modular, Spot-Free (DI) Deionization Pressure-Wash System for Kranzle K1622TS 1622 Total Stop 1.7 GPM 1600psi 


Portable, Modular and Rugged Powder Coated Aluminum Frame

Dual 4.5" x 20" High Capacity (DI) Deionization Filters - "Produces Spot-Free Water on Demand" Perfect for feeding 1.5gpm to 2.0gpm pressure washers with spot-free water 

Kranzle K1622 Bracket for mounting pressure washer to frame or choose our drill it yourself bracket system for mounting your own pump


“Kranzle Pump Not Included” 

Contact your local Kranzle dealer to purchase a pump.