Core Water System's Inc., is a provider of high-quality, cost effective, self-serve car wash equipment, portable pure water window cleaning systems,  Spot-Free water production/delivery systems, bulk water storage tanks and pressure washers. Core Water Systems are specifically designed for window cleaning companies, the auto industry, automotive dealerships, rental car agencies and commercial and industrial applications.  


Core Water Systems, Inc. specializes in and offers on sight installation of commercial and industrial spot-free wash-bays and comprehensive service and maintenance contracts, which keeps your system operating at it’s maximum efficiency allowing you, the customer peace of mind in being assured that your investment is protected.


Many dealerships and car rental companies do not have a spot free water production system or their systems may be outdated, unreliable and require constant deionization (DI) tank exchanges and replacement.

(DI) tanks are expensive and typically not a cost effective solution. They do not produce a reliable amount of spot-free water. (DI) water can even cause damage to a vehicles surface, potentially making them a liability to your business. Many dealerships are unaware of the hidden costs, dangers and liabilities associated with the use (DI) tanks. (DI) deionized water can dissolve waxes, etch surfaces and cloud paint.

Each of our systems consistently produces 100% spot-free water utilizing reverse osmosis (RO) to purify water. Our Spot-free water systems do not use deionization (DI) to purify water. Reverse Osmosis (RO) is the least expensive way to produce spot free water per gallon and leaves the best looking spot-free surfaces.  All surfaces dry spot-free without hand drying while cutting labor costs.