CWS, Premium, Commercial Grade Pressure Washer Gun and 24" Wand - 28.521 / 32.564

Made of high quality stainless steel are the standard for you wash bay.  The solid construction and the unique workmanship ensure longevity and value.  Each wand has a modular design which allows for individual customer requirements.  

Technical Data 

Lance - 24"

Grip Length - 12"

Pressure 4000psi (27.5MPa)

Temperature 250f

Nominal Width 1/4"

Throughput medium pH 3-12

Rubber Nozzle Guard 

Input G3/8" F, Output 1/4" NPTF

DG (Swivel DGV) - In 3/8" NPTM, OUT- 3/8" NPTF - 32.564