CWS-100: 10 micron 4.5 x 20 Carbon Block Filter

Sale price$74.95 USD

Core Water System's 10 micron 4.5 x 20 Carbon Block filters features acid washed, high purity coconut-based activated carbon.  The carbon used in these filters has specifically been developed to reduce chlorine, sediments, color, soluble organic compounds (SOC) and volatile organic compounds (VOC). With high chlorine reduction and reduced carbon fines, you will soon make the CBF-Series your filter of choice. 

Technical Data -

Total Chlorine Capacity: 26,000 gallons

Filter Media: polypropylene

Temperature Range: (F / C) 40- 145 / 4.4 - 62.8

Recommended Replacement Pressure Drop: (psi / bar) 15.6 / 1.08


This filter replaces carbon block filter on the CWS-100 portable spot free water system.

Model: CWS-100 Filter Replacement Set