100ft, 6000 psi, Black, TEMP: 250 F, (3/8") 2-wire braid, Commercial Grade Pressure Washer Hose with bend restrictors and Stainless Steel 3/8" Quick Connect Fittings and bend restrictors.  For Hot or Cold Water Usage.


Stainless steel quick-connects on pressure washer hoses are an excellent upgrade from  brass and zinc. these add corrosion resistance as well as overall better durability compared to their brass/Zinc counterparts. Brass is a softer metal than stainless and that could be the cause of your fittings failing sooner than you would like them to.


Due to their corrosion resistance, if you are down-streaming these quick connectors are a MUST HAVE. If you are using brass or zinc fittings for your down-streaming setup we recommend switching to stainless steel quick-connects as soon as they fail. 


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