PACH1000 Engine


  • Rugged powder coated steel frame with fork lift channels
  • Removable roll cage with lifting hooks Dimentions; 43”L x 21”W x 36”H
  • On board 15 gallon poly fuel tank
  • Full sized battery w/ marine battery box
  • Skid mount or portable
  • 20 HP to 40 HP Commercial/Industrial gasoline engines
  • Engine and pump oil drains offer easy maintenance 
  • V‐belt Drive
  • Adjustable pressure unloader


  SHP22.50N Pump


  • Gun/wand assembly quick connects 
  • Tank feed plumbing
  • 50’ high pressure hose w/quick connects 
  • Chem. Inj. & 5 color coded QC nozzles

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