True Flow Series water softening and fitration system

Sale price$6,495.00 USD

From the moment you install the True-Flow Series Professional Water Filtration and softening System, everyone in your home will notice the satisfying benefits of consistently fresh conditioned water. Core Water Systems water softeners include our USA made mineral and brine tanks, high grade, long lasting resin, quartz under bedding, and the highest quality components throughout. We use the same components in our residential series softeners as our commercial product offering ensuring you years of trouble free service. 


Core Water Systems - High Quality - Whole House Water Filtration and softener Systems are designed to filter water to the Entire Home and are easy and quick to Install. 

Greatly removes and or reduces organic and inorganic contaminants which are bad  for human health, pet health and the environment.


  • Advanced Coconut Shell Catalytic Carbon Chamber provides high flow rates and is truly effective for the reduction of chloramine, chlorine, organic chemicals, taste and odor.
  • Richer, foamier lathers from soaps and detergents.
  • Fluffy and absorbent towels that soak up water like magic and feel silky smooth against your skin.
  • Streak free glassware, without the filmy damage that robs fine crystal of its beauty.
  • No more stains and scaly buildup on sinks, tile and plumbing fixtures.
  • Money saved by buying less soap and eliminating the hard water buildup that makes water using appliances less efficient and shortens the life of your appliance.
  • The True-Flow series by Core Water Systems has an impressive flow rate design that is ideal for most homes or light commercial applications.
  • The True-Flow Series Residential Water Systems can be easily installed and serviced by Core Water Systems’ trained technicians or any residential plumbing company.  
  • Accommodates homes up to 5 bathrooms.  Easy to install.  Typical installation cost by licensed plumbing company/plumber: $495.00 to $795.00. Tank Size 1 to 2 -16" x 52" , Typical Brine Tank Size - 24"x40"

WARNING” Most city water is treated with Chlorine and Chloramines which are carcinogens/poison. Studies have shown these chemicals can cause or increase the risk of cancer, allergies, asthma, skin and eye irritation, etc. These chemicals are also known to cause pin-hole leaks in plumbing. Our water conditioners greatly reduce or remove Chloramines, Chlorine and other harmful contaminants.


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