Core Water Systems, Inc. Advanced Whole House Water Systems provide you and your family
with healthy, safe water for your entire home. A majority of city water is treated with chlorine
and chloramines. Studies show that chloramines, chlorine and other contaminants can cause
health problems and degrade copper piping causing pin-hole leaks. Our Whole House Water
Systems use the latest (GAC) granular activated and catalytic carbon technology to remove
harmful impurities like organic contaminants, chloramines, chlorine, pesticides, odor, color and
much more.


  •  (GAC) Granular Activated and Catalytic Carbon for taste, odor, organic contaminant and chemical reduction.
  • Clinoptilolite for enhanced water clarity; filtration is possible down to the 3-micron range.
  • Almandine Garnet for enhanced water distribution.
  • Quartz under bedding for maximum distribution and protection of the lower high flow distribution systems.
  • Simple electronic controls allow for easy programming and maintenance.
  • Our Whole House Water Filtration Systems can be easily installed and serviced by  Core Water Systems’ trained technicians or any residential plumbing company.
  • Provides healthy safe water for your entire home and family and can accommodate homes up to 4 bathrooms.

WARNING” Most city water is treated with Chlorine and Chloramines which are
carcinogens/poison. Studies have shown these chemicals can cause or increase the risk of
cancer, allergies, asthma, skin and eye irritation, etc. These chemicals are also known to
cause pin-hole leaks in plumbing and pipes. Our Whole House Water Filtration Systems greatly
reduce or remove chloramines, chlorine and other harmful contaminants.

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